(And I never wanted anything from you)

except what you had

Constructively honest, driven by novelty
7 September
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your sassy gay friend

...give me a moment please
to tame your wild wild heart...

b r a n d o n

22. Caffeine and television addicted grad student. Jewish and gay. Hello minority. Currently resides in California and hopes to put down roots there indefinitely. Studies Writing for television and screenwriting. Roleplays. Argues. Debates. Bluntly honest but genuinely friendly. Enthusiastic, sometimes overly so, but he means well. As insecure as the rest of the world. Imperfect. A pessimist in the short term. An optimist in the longterm. A dreamer. Ambitious. An old soul. A driver. An eater. A listener. An advice-giver. Empathetic. Outgoing. Opinionated. Searching. Cultivating an existence.

lives life at an 8.